What are the key factors in successful recruitment?

The most important thing is to carry out a thorough analysis of what kind of person the company needs in terms of character, skills, experience, and background. It’s well worth spending time on specifying a profile and including in the specification process everyone who will be involved in the final decision along with the recruiting supervisor. This will achieve a uniform perspective of the profile that is being sought, so that the company can stand behind its decision. Our headhunters participate in compiling a profile, as it’s the most important indicator of the kind of person you’re looking for. 

A headhunter also needs to become familiar with the company and its management methods in order to be able to provide a comprehensive and credible image of the company to candidates. Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of successful recruitment. 

For all executive recruitment, we create a  TEASER to provide more information about the role and the company, its opportunities, and its challenges. The teaser outlines the company’s financial situation, strategy, and vision, along with plans for the future. We explain both the good and bad sides as thoroughly as possible. This means that we find a committed person for the role. The person will know what they are signing up for when they sign their contract. We don’t want to surprise anyone. Once the best person has been chosen, they will need induction. No-one wants to be left adrift at a new job. A well-written induction plan is part of every executive’s toolkit.

 What level of search is suitable for an executive search?

Traditionally, a headhunter looks for executive management – quietly. An executive search is also an excellent option for finding directors and specialists. Nowadays, many directors are recruited silently, as there is no wish to publicly announce the company’s new plans. We also find Board members, C-level executives, directors and specialists with the same professionalism – publicly or quietly. 

Our customers say that headhunting that is carried out well and on schedule repays itself quickly. The best person for the job gets to begin productive work immediately, and there are no “mismatches”. We work passionately and diligently with our extensive network. The customer and the best choice of person for the job are always key. 

Outplacement services

A company may find that it has to lay off some employees. A responsible employer helps its laid-off employees to find employment elsewhere. Once a person has been in the same job for a long time, they no longer have the skills to jobseek or write applications or a CV. Our placement service helps people to move forwards and retain a good image of the employer until the end. In certain situations, this may be statutory, depending on the size of the company and the duration of the employment relationship.

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