At Patrio Company, we find the best people from experts to top management across Finland

Hycamite Tcd Technologies Oy

“Patrio was excellent in my application process. Quoting my kids, I could evaluate the process as a whole with the words “five seasons five”.

Oy Escarmat Ltd

“The application process was well prepared and this was a factor in carrying out the recruitment in the planned schedule. Patrio’s operations were consistent and the flow of information in both directions was clear.”

Kirike Oy

”Patrio has a huge amount of experience and good networks, we trusted this strong experience. These days, it’s not easy to stand out as an employer alongside big corporations.”

Responsible Executive Search Process

Patrio’s headhunters always operate responsibly. We do not want to lure anyone away from a good position to move into the great unknown. Changing jobs is a big decision for anyone and affects not only the individual but also their family.

For each search, we create a Patrio Teaser®, where we thoroughly present the recruiting client company and the position being sought. The information provided in the Patrio Teaser® is genuine, accurate, and transparent. The Patrio Teaser® is not an enticing letter promising rosy dreams; rather, it is a solid data packet about the recruiting company and the position itself. This ensures that every applicant knows what they are applying for even before submitting their application.


Patrio Oy Ab as a Company

Companies increasingly need a professional operator to handle their demanding personnel searches. Patrio was established to meet this need. We operate actively throughout Finland. We always find the most suitable and best available person for the position.

Our activity and professionalism are evident in the company’s business activities—executive search, transition services, and management and organizational consulting.


We build Patrio’s entire operational organization around top professionals in the field. Professionalism is emphasized in all aspects of the company’s operations, from personnel to processes. By operating in this way, we guarantee our clients the best service and a successful outcome. Good is not enough for us—nor for our clients—we want the best.


Executive search and transition services are highly sensitive and based on complete trust between parties. At Patrio, we are accustomed to operating with respect and confidentiality towards our clients. The foundation of cooperation is built on trust, openness, and honesty. When combined with professionalism and activity, the result is undoubtedly the best possible for all parties involved.

Why choose Patrio?

In executive search, professionalism is emphasized throughout the entire process. A wrong hire can be very costly for a company. Investing in a good headhunter is worthwhile—and often does not even cost more. A good headhunter always finds the most suitable and best candidate for the position, regardless of the industry.

In our transition services, we provide organizations with support through various change situations so that the organization’s core mission is disturbed as little as possible and employee satisfaction remains high.

About us

The company CEO said he needed help immediately. He had been searching for a high-caliber professional for a demanding position on his own and with the help of a local recruitment agency, but without success. The challenge was the small number of suitable professionals and their distant locations. The person needed to relocate to the company's location in Pohjanmaa. In just eight weeks, we found an outstanding professional for the role. The person has excelled in the position.
A company in a specialized industry needed someone to develop its international business. Qualified professionals in the field in Finland and Europe were quickly screened. We found a candidate in North America who met the demanding specifications, and he was interviewed three times. However, he ultimately declined citing personal reasons. At this point, the task seemed even more challenging. Nevertheless, we persisted in our search and even called him again to ask if there might be someone suitable in his network. To our delight, he reconsidered and expressed interest in the position. We successfully concluded the search, and the person moved to Finland with his family. Sometimes, luck is needed. We believe that luck comes with persistence and proactivity!
A working group of a municipality asked if Patrio's executive search concept was suitable for attracting businesses to the municipality. We pondered the challenge! The very next day, we developed a model for executive search of businesses into the municipality. Over the next four months, we contacted 150 companies and found 15 companies interested in establishing themselves in the municipality. The municipality began negotiations with these companies. Today, we conduct business searches for several municipalities in Finland.

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